San Francisco is truly blessed with the creative, artistic presence of Carol Peters. The spirit, joy and beauty of Carol’s voice reminds us what we love about singing and music.

David Chiu, San Francisco Assemblyman


Carol approaches her music with joy, enthusiasm and a generous spirit that makes her love of music contagious. She shares that love in many ways, even enlivening my grassroots political campaign with an original song. Carol has fun performing and she wants us all to have fun, too.

Julie Christensen, Community Organizer


The party was truly a grand evening of entertainment. Thank you, Carol. You were fabulous.”

Tom Ammiano, Mayoral Candidate, San Francisco Supervisor


Recently, my husband and I attended a bash in San Francisco. The crowd was an eclectic group, from captains of industry to truck drivers. The food was good, and the drinks more than ample. The room was growing very noisy. Then Carol began singing, and there was a sudden silence. A couple of hundred people were drawn into her web, enthralled by her presentation. She was strongly feeling what she was singing and she was making us feel it too.

Julie Torrence, Encore!


What a wonderful evening, the band hit a new high point in their performance. Loved Carol’s stories between the songs that gave it all such a cohesive feel, making the whole concert an adventure ride that you could not and did not want to leave.

Roland Austinat, Journalist and Writer (MARCO POLO San Francisco)


It was a treasure placed in my ears coming to the Ballads on the Barbary Coast show.  It reminded of the midnight jazz shows I used to enjoy in SoHo during my college days. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dean Brooks, Screenwriter


The show was terrific in every way – the singing, the thoughtful choice of material, the wonderful musicians and the inspired patter.

Harvey Hacker, Harvey Hacker Architects


A wonderful evening. Thanks for including us.

Stephen Short, KALW Radio


Carol, the music was just magical and you have such a lovely voice and songwriting talent.

Kimberly Stoddard, Commonwealth Club


I saw the talented Carol Peters and the Retrofits at her Ballads Show recently at the Rex Hotel. She and the band had my attention from the start of the show until the last song. I heard people refer to her as The Torch Siren and I totally agree. Not only does she have a sultry, beautiful voice but the patter she created to tie each song together wove a tale for the entire show. Her original songs were funny, sad and inspirational.

Marialice Dockus, Account/Business Owner (ret.), Volunteer Usher, SF Opera


If you’re like me, you enjoy your CD collection of female cabaret-jazz singers – but really, it’s so much better in the live: being in the room, with friends, drink in hand, beautiful voice caressing your ear. That’s the total experience and the best. Thanks, Carol!

Marilyn Nichols, New York Advertising Executive (ret.)


Ballads on the Barbary Coast with Carol Peters & The Retrofits was exquisite. The atmosphere was dazzling with San Francisco’s lit cityscape in the background, Carol’s sultry voice, and the jazzy melodies soaring through the room. I would recommend this unique experience to anyone and would certainly do it again!

Jan Haeusser, Social Organizer (Tenderloin Non Profit, Telegraph Hill Art & Culture Committee)


Carol is a storyteller, entertainer, hostess, and an ambassador of welcome. She makes you feel part of the story which she sings in a voice from the Moulin Rouge – sultry, sexy and embracing every note in a calming cloak. She transforms the room into her secret sanctuary as though she is singing just to you.

Pricilla Regan, Literary Agent, NY Jazz singer (1960s-80s)


If running for office was as much fun as you made it, I’d consider doing it for a living. Aaron’s Blues was the very best. I’ll never forget it.

Aaron Peskin, San Francisco Supervisor